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So theres this joke in Russia-- Yeah, yeah calm down-- where its like, this guy finds a genie and gets a wish and he wishes to piss alcohol-- which sounds painful but whatever-- and like, he goes home to his wife and asks her to get a glass so they can drink it. Just one though. Which confuses the wife since theres two of them, the punchline is that the man says she could ''drink from the tap'' that night. GET IT? (( I'm sorry omg ))

          “That was actually pretty fuckin’ funny — damn. If that lil’ shit Arvo told them jokes, I might not’ve been so hard on ‘em. Hell, I remember askin’ Kat to ‘drink from the tap’ one night. Slept on the damn couch for weeks.”

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  1. 13pointbuck said: "… Didn’t need to know that last part, man."
  2. speakingxrussian said: (( … I’ve actually made Arvo tell that joke to someone in a thread and now i’m just laughing a lot omg ))
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